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Applegate Perfects Its Breaded Chicken FAQ

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019 11:37AM EDT
What makes the new breaded chicken products different from the old ones?
We think they’re better than before because we changed a few things, like the meat, shape and breading. We’ve made these changes after receiving lots of positive feedback about the Applegate Organics® Chicken Nuggets and Applegate Organics® Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets, which were launched in 2016. You’ll notice the new breaded chicken has a lot of inspiration from these organic chicken nugget products:

100% WHITE MEAT: All Applegate breaded chicken products now use 100 percent white chicken meat. Until now, only our organic chicken nuggets and natural chicken tenders were 100 percent white chicken meat.

NEW NUGGET SHAPE: Our natural and organic nuggets have a classic nugget shape that will make the dipping experience easier and more enjoyable. Because it’s more nugget-y (less round, more flat), the breading is evenly distributed all around the nugget so that every bite has the perfect combination of chicken and breading.

IMPROVED GLUTEN FREE BREADING: We decided to use a new rice crumb blend for our natural gluten free chicken nuggets to give them a lighter and crispier texture. With that said, you will still notice black pepper specks, just like the old recipe.

ELEVATED TASTE: All these subtle changes, help to enrich the flavor of our breaded chicken, from a crispy coating on the outside to mouthwatering white meat on the inside.

Which Applegate breaded chicken products are part of this new optimization change?
We are making these changes to all our existing breaded chicken, with the exception of our newest additions: Applegate Organics® Chicken Nuggets and Applegate Organics® Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets. Here you can find complete list of all our breaded chicken products.

Will these changes increase the final product cost?
No! The suggested retail price for all these products will remain the same. Please visit your local Applegate retailer to find out exact pricing.

I noticed some nutritional changes with the new breaded chicken products, specifically with sodium and fat levels. Why is that?
There’s a few factors at play.  The recipes, ingredients and even serving sizes have changed in the new products.  In addition, Applegate is using a new testing methodology. The information on previous labels measured raw ingredients and didn’t take into account variables like cooking and processing. We now have access to better nutritional testing procedures that more closely reflects the final product in the package.
Does that mean the old nutrition labels were wrong?
We used the best information available to us at the time, which was based on a commonly-used recipe testing program. That program is still used by many food companies, but we decided to switch to a different method. The information on the new labels is based on testing of the final, cooked and processed product.
The packaging looks slightly different. Does that mean the product standards are different?
We are currently in the process of updating packaging for some of Applegate varieties. We want to make sure you can easily recognize each product and its standards. With that said, we recognize that what’s inside matters most and can assure you that all Applegate products use quality, simple, and clean ingredients in addition to third-party certified, humanely-raised meats.
Are all the new breaded chicken products free of GMOs?
We are proud to say that our Applegate Organics® Chicken Strips are now officially Non-GMO Project Verified.  This new addition means our whole organic breaded chicken line is Non-GMO Project Verified: Applegate Organics® Chicken Nuggets, Applegate Organics® Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets, and Applegate Organics® Chicken Strips. As you may know, Applegate is constantly working to make all products third-party verified and hope to have all our breaded chicken products verified in the near future.

What makes these breaded chicken products different from others on the market?
All Applegate breaded chicken products are made with meat from animals that are raised humanely and without antibiotics. These products also are made with 100 percent white chicken meat and non-GMO ingredients and never any MSG, fillers, artificial ingredients, preservatives, added chemical nitrites, nitrates or phosphates.
Is the chicken in all the breaded chicken items raised humanely?
Yes!  One hundred percent of Applegate’s poultry is third-party certified by Certified Humane® Farm Animal Care or Global Animal Partnership’s Step Level® program.
What does Applegate humanely raised chicken mean?
Applegate chicken has to be verified for animal welfare through Certified Humane® (CH) Farm Animal Care and/or Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step Level® program.These standards have strict requirements that are verified through third-party audits and also by internal animal welfare specialists at Applegate. For Applegate, humanely raised means animals live on family farms in an environment that promotes natural behavior, including more room to move about freely and no antibiotics ever. And we follow humane slaughter practices as suggested by Dr. Temple Grandin (yes, the woman from that great HBO movie). You can go to our website and review all of our animal welfare standards, species by species and watch videos featuring some of the farms we work with:
Can I keep these breaded chicken products in the refrigerator?
To maintain the quality of the product, we recommend storing them in the freezer and heating them in the oven or microwave, according to the package directions.
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